Frameset Tag.

The <frameset> tag helps to split your screen into two parts.

For this, you usually have to make three html pages.

Its simple. First, You have to decide wether you want the page divided as rows or as columns.

<frameset rows=”25%,75%”>
<frame src=”Links.html” name=”Links”>
<frame src=”Main.html” name=”Main”>

On launching the above program, a page with two rows will open.

You also usually add the <frameset rows=” ” noresize> Element to prevent the user from fiddling around with the frameset.

You will also have to make two separate pages in the same folder, with names that will go in the src attribute.

If you have any questions look at

I will also post a sample program. That should explain things further. But as we go ahead, you will see that frameset is not used anywhere. We normally use div tags. But for now, lets just stick to this.

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5 thoughts on “Frameset Tag.

  1. here is a better solution here the asterisk will calculate rows automatically.

    • Asterix will calculate it automatically. but sometimes, you want to give fixed values. You can do it either way. But thanks anyways.

      • i have even entered the code that disappeared from my previous comment.
        asterisk is used to give, where you don’t want or can’t calculate the fixed value like screen needs to be divided in 49.5 and another one 50.5
        such calculation can’t be explained via no.s so there is need of * (asterisk)

      • and by the way your code is wrong, you cannot mention the rows and cols attribute together to divide screen

      • I never said you can do both. You can do only one of them.

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