Sample Program 6

Guys. This is a big program. 4 html pages.

First Page:

<frameset rows=”20%,80%” noresize>
<frame src=”Head.html” name=”Head”>
<frame src=”Home.html” name=”Main”>

Save the above program as “Index.html”

Second Page:

<body bgcolor=”black” text=”red”>
<font face=”Algerian” size=7><h1><u><center> Trial
<center> <a href=”Home.html” target=”Main”> Home </a> &nbsp;
<a href=”AboutUs.html” target=”Main”> About Us </a>

Save the above page as “Head.html”

Third Page:

<body bgcolor=”red”>
<center><font face=”chiller” size=6> <u> <b> Home </u> </b>
</font> <br><br> <font face=”
<p> This is the home page! <br><hr><br>
If you notice the code for <b> “Head.html” </b> You will see
that there is a <b> “Target” </b> Attribute. <br>
This tag basically specifies where the page will open. (The
current frameset had two parts: <b> Main and Head. </b>
(Index.html (Name attribute)) <br>
When we put target to <b> “Main” </b> It opened up in the
“Main” frame.</p> <br>
The “p” tag helps you write a paragraph.

Save the above program as “Home.html”

Forth Page:

<body bgcolor=”red”>
<h1><center><u> ABOUT US </u></h1></center><br><br>
<center>This is a trial program.

Save the above program as “AboutUs.html”


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4 thoughts on “Sample Program 6

  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog, I must say your blog is awesome and strikes a chord in me. I used to self-study HTML and build homepages when I was about 10 years old. Of course, that was back in 1998/99 and the Internet isn’t as developed or informative as it is now.

    Good luck with your own journey and hopefully you’re onto something big in the future! =)

  2. hmm!…going right path in your jOuRneY Well done guy.:)

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